This is our lowest price ever! This is the price per session only available to annual subscription users that pay for the whole year in advance (four sessions a year).

You get one story which will give you 15 images for that story. We will plan that story in advance, get to know all the things you want and you don't want, and the actual shoot should be less than 45 minutes long.

This includes commercial usage of all images, for eternity, per our contract. Even if one of your photos becomes viral, or if you make money out of it for any reason, you don't owe me anything. You are not even obligated to mention me or include credits (but you can if you'd like). And you can edit those images any way you wish.

I take a very limited amount of clients, so I can really give the best to those few. And this pricing won't stay here for too long, so I encourage you to reserve your spot right away!